The capsule-system

The term capsule-system is defined as a novel composition of different encapsulating compounds and functionalities. The main feature is a water based liquid core where the active compound is dissolved. The primary shell is used to shape the liquid core into a sphere. The outer shell is used to coat the primary shell in order to protect its contents from deterioration caused by the environment. For more information please check microencapsulation:


  • The active agent does not come in contact with the crop
  • No waiting time between treatment and harvest
  • Precise dosage of active substances
  • High selectivity to pest insects
  • Use of active substances, which are not widely used due to their susceptibility to UV-light
  • Ability of close-meshed and machinal spreading

For instance, the pest insect is drew by the attractants found in the outer shell and it starts feeding on the liquid core of the microcapsule. During ingestion the insect is paralyzed or killed by the active substance. The following picture shows how the insect feeds upon the capsules content. The black arrow indicates the feeding apparatus (proboscis).

For additional information on the process of microencapsulation, click here.

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