Innovative biological crop protection through the use of liquid core capsules

Our novel capsule system is suitable for the formulation of biological control agents against pests, especially sap feeding insects. In this system, the capsules attract the pest and stimulate them to feed on the liquid core, which contains a natural insecticidal substance. The attractants, active substance and capsule structure are tailored for each pest species.

In this particular field, the capsules should attract bugs and directly or after contact immobilize or kill them ("attract & kill" – principle). As a result, the adverse effect of the pest insects (see picture below) should be minimized or completely hindered. Attractants, control agents, capsule design and the production have to be specifically investigated for every pest insect.

The use of capsules to control European Tarnished bug (Lygus rugulipennis) is shown here.

Advantages of capsules

New and innovative capsules - system

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How to attract the pest?

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